Enjoy a beautiful playful snuggle session with your loves. 

Take a break from the chaos.

You're in the middle of the fastest years of your life.

One minute they’re swimming in that adorable NB onesie you picked out, and the next thing you know, they’re toddling around with their sippy cup, in my case, picking up their car keys.
Trust me,
you'll desperately want the photographs.

It's true what they say: it's going to go by in a blink

Hey Mama

Change out of those sweats
Get pampered
Romanticize motherhood 
Your future self with thank you.


All stages of
motherhood welcome

April 27th -
Floral Install

APRIL 20TH - Simply Motherhood

White studio set, 
Minimal motherhood - just you and your loves in the white. studio. 
Dresses or casual welcome! 

The studio will be beautifully decorated with a fresh greenery and floral decor around the sofa pictured.  
Best with beautiful dresses and a pastel palette! 

These smaller sessions are for mothers and their children. Grandmothers are welcome, as well as maternity and nursing sessions. Expect playful and snuggly moments with your loves.


Limited Edition
Motherhood Sessions


You know the importance of documenting these days.

You don't have enough photographs with your children

You would love to have photos with your own mother or  grandmother

You are expecting and would love to capture your growing bump

Motherhood sessions are for you if...







5 digital images
Studio Wardrobe Access 

15 digital images
Studio Wardrobe Access 

All 25+ digital images
Studio Wardrobe Access
$100  Print Credit





All sessions will be reserved with a $350 retainer
You will have to opportunity to select your collection when you receive your gallery!

The Studio wardrobe for mamas and babies is available to you! 
Access to Style and Select for personalized wardrobe suggestions
AND a guide full of tips and suggestions to easily dress everyone.


Wardrobe and Styling


frequently asked 

How do I schedule a session?

YAY! I can't wait to see you!  Click the Reserve your time buttons in the info above. You will have your session scheduled and receive immediate access to the planning guide to get started! 


What if my kids misbehave?

No such thing! Some kids just need a bit more re-direction and activity! Come with the mindset that anything goes. I'm sure you know that kids are unpredictable. If yours is super clingy that day, we'll just snuggle a whole lot! If they are kind of wild and crazy then we will do lots of playing. tickling, dancing, and being silly! All good in my book!


I don't like picking wardrobe! help!

I got you! Every  studio session receives access to the studio wardrobe with women's dresses and baby outfits up to 12 months, a what to wear guide AND complimentary access to Style&Select.com, an interactive shop-able styling site to help you make your wardrobe dreams come true!!
Need more help?! I'm always an email or a text away, and more than happy to help!! I want you to have beautiful images as much as you do!


Where is the studio located?

Located in Lafayette Village, The studio is the perfect cozy, light and bright space for mamas and their littles to enjoy some sweet moments together in a beautiful set. We can chat about what you would like to focus on for your session. 


what if we need to reschedule?

I get it, things happen!  Whether it turns out that your kid is sick, or something important comes up, we can always reschedule. I allow up to one reschedule to another available mini session day, for an additional $150. You may also sell or give your session time to a friend! 
* NOTE - the floral and greenery set is ONE DAY ONLY, no makeups


Can my Partner or friend come?

If possible, please keep your session to just the individuals included in the photographs. Too many people present become a distraction to your children. If you need an additional set of hands to help, I allow one additional support person. 


Can I snap A cell phone photo?

Cell phone photos are permitted for Behind the scenes type photos. No images taken over my shoulder please. 


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