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Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photos that are both sylish and comfortable


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Nothing fits but dress for mom and baby pictures. Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photos by Renee Ash Photography

Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photos

If you’re gearing up for your little one’s arrival in the next few months, and are looking for some Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photos, you’ve come to the right place! Take a peek around at all the goodies I’ve put together to help you prep for those precious first photos with your bundle of joy.

Now, I know you’ve probably been mulling over all the adorable outfits for your baby-to-be, but let’s not forget about YOU in the equation!

As a new mom, navigating the wardrobe waters a few weeks postpartum can be a bit of a challenge. Your body’s gone through some incredible changes, after all, and it’s in recovery mode from the miracle of growing a tiny human! So, give yourself a big ol’ dose of grace and prioritize comfort when it comes to picking out your outfit for those newborn photos.

Maxi Dresses Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photos, the go-to option for new moms!

Best Maxi dresses for mom and baby pictures. Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photos by Renee Ash Photography

Opt for soft, flowy fabrics that won’t chafe, pinch, or leave you feeling uncomfortable. That’s why maxi dresses are like the MVPs of newborn photo attire. Not only are they super comfy, but they also look downright dreamy and do wonders to flatter your postpartum bod.

Long, flowing maxi dresses effortlessly elevate your photo style, comfort, and personality. Whether you have a summer baby or baby is due in the chilly winter months a dress can work! Choose a breezy summer style or add a cozy long sleeve sweater-and-skirt combos, the options are endless!

Best Maxi dresses for mom and baby pictures. Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photos by Renee Ash Photography

When picking out your dress, aim for ones with a defined waistline or an empire cut—they work wonders to accentuate your figure in all the right places. Steer clear of straight-cut dresses that lack shape, as they can make you appear larger than life (and let’s be real, no new mom needs that).

Comfortable Pants and a Blouse Outfit Ideas for a baby photoshoot.

Now, if dresses aren’t really your jam, fear not! You can still rock your newborn photo session in a comfy jeans-and-tee ensemble. Just make sure those jeans have a forgiving elastic waistband or go for a looser fit to keep things comfy as you move and groove with your little one. And opt for flowy, relaxed tops like sweaters or loose blouses—they’re way more flattering than their clingy counterparts.

Non- dress Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photos by Renee Ash Photography

Above all else, remember that these photos are all about YOU and your family—not about impressing me as the photographer, not about keeping up with Pinterest perfection, and definitely not about pleasing the masses on the interwebs. Wear what makes you feel like the beautiful, confident mama you are. If maxi dresses aren’t your vibe, don’t force it!

Looking for some stellar dress options for your maternity and newborn photo sesh? Check out spots like Baltic Born, Joyfolie, or Nothing Fits But for some seriously swoon-worthy picks! BONUS if you have a session in the studio with me I have a rack of great dresses ready to go for you!

I want you to know – that no matter what you are wearing you and your family will love and cherish the photos you document together for years to come. Just get in the photo mama!

xx, Ashley

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