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Your Toddler and Newborn Photos


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Tips for Toddler and Newborn photos

Having your Toddler and Newborn photos together feel a little overwhelming? Toddlers can be a challenge on a regular day, add a newborn photo session into the mix and you may just want to skip it all together. Don’t fear, toddlers can be tricky, yes, but we can make some magic happen for you!

NJ Newborn Photographer

Plan your Sparta NJ Toddler and Newborn photos

Planning your photo session to take place during your toddler’s happiest time of day is always a great choice. NJ Newborn photo sessions take place in my studio or in your home at 10am weekdays. I find this time works well for most families with toddlers.

Sparta NJ Baby Photographer

Your toddler is the boss for the day

Toddlers don’t follow direction often. So instead of throwing too many directions at them I like to make things fun or a game. Ask your toddler questions, smile, tickle, and play with them! Allow your little one to pop in and out of photos. Toddlers don’t often want to stay in one place for long, so i will keep them moving, changing things up and be ready for when they are!

toddler and newborn photos

Choose a Professional Sparta Newborn Photographer

Working with a professional newborn photographer is a great way to make sure your time and efforts have the results you are dreaming of. Choosing a photographer who is just starting out or with less experience may not be able to handle their camera settings and a toddler’s energy at the same time. Leaving you with sub-par photographs during what should be one of the most precious times for you and your family.

As a mother of two myself, and with 10+ years of working with toddlers and newborns I have more than a few tricks up my sleeve to nail those photos you are dreaming of for your newborn and big siblings first photos together!

toddler and newborn photos

Contact me HERE to schedule your Sparta NJ Baby photos

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