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How to have your Newborn pictures with a dog.


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Newborn pictures with a dog are a common request, uynderstandably so! The family dog is a big part of your family. I always support having your dog in newborn pictures and family photos with some guidance.

Safety First

Newborn pictures with a dog can be dangerous for your brand new baby if proper precautions aren’t taken. Whether your dog is huge and doesn’t know his own size, or just a bit rambunctious, we can make something work, with baby’s safety coming first.

Most dogs I have encountered are just fine being in the frame, but kept at a bit of a distance from baby to keep them safe.

Photos of your excitable dog at your feet, peeping in the crib, or sitting next to you are all very doable. Calmer quite dogs are able to lay nicely next to baby on the bed with the close supervision of parents nearby.

I will always, always encourage a parent to be within arms reach of baby just in case they need to be scooped up. I also tell mom or dad to not worry about the photo, but instead just watch the dog and baby. If they need to jump in, they are encouraged to do so without hesitation.

new jersey newborn pictures with the family dog.


If your dog is excitable, or energetic, consider letting them run and play the morning of our session. Parents could also see if someone is willing to take your dog on a nice long walk to get some of the energy out.


Make sure your family dog has been properly introduced to your newest member of the family before our newborn pictures with a dog. This helps them to not be quite so excited and curious or alarmed if baby cries. You can also tell how your dog is around your new baby, so we can prepare how best to photograph them together.

I will also introduce myself to your dog when I arrive. I am 100% a dog person, so don’t be shy about letting your dog greet me at the door. I’m comfortable with all types and sizes of dogs, having worked with the tiniest pups all the way to Great Danes!

newborn pictures with my dog. Sussex county NJ newborn photographer


Snacks work for dogs and kids alike! When in doubt break out the treats. Have a little baggy of kibble or a special treat on hand to entice your dog to cooperate. I also will use treats supplied by you to get the shot of your dog looking in the crib, or to get them to stay in a spot with you.

baby pictures at home with a dog. Big sister handkerchief for dogs. Northern NJ baby photographer.

Act Natural

Don’t expect your dog to perform for the photos. The best images are when they’re just doing what they do best. Lying at your feet or next to you. If they show interest in baby that can be great, but it’s never expected.

As with all Newborn pictures, try to relax, your dog will sense anxiety and be a bit on edge if you are. I promise, newborn session are slow moving, calm, and relaxed with no pressure on you or your newborn baby. We take plenty of breaks for baby, and will take the time that your pet needs to feel comfortable with me as well.

I hope this post was helpful to you in planning Newborn pictures with a dog. If you’d like to schedule your New Jersey newborn pictures with your dog, use the CONTACT FORM.

xx, Ashley

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