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How to choose a Wedding Getting Ready Space.


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New Jersey Wedding Getting Ready Space.

What to look for in your Wedding Getting Ready Space for your New Jersey Wedding.

NJ bride Getting Ready Space.

Hotel vs AirBNB vs Family home vs Venue Wedding Getting Ready Space

All of these options can offer great wedding getting ready space for you and your wedding party. Though without an idea of what you need for photos, it can be easy to choose a not so great option over a better one. So I am here to let you know the 5 things to look for to elevate your morning of experience and to elevate your getting ready images.

Your venue is usually the very best option if you are having your ceremony there as well. Ask if you are able to use the space early in the morning to do all hair and makeup there as well.

A local AirBNB would be next as they provide a more home like feel.

NJ wedding Getting Ready Space.

Natural Light in the wedding getting ready space

Natural light is KEY in any getting ready space. Look for big windows, with a lot of space near them. AirBNBs, large hotel suites, and venue spaces are great for this. When touring a hotel be sure to ask which specific rooms have big windows and lots of light if any. Walk into the spaces and turn off the lights. Is there still ample light in there or does it feel cave-like? Many hotels will have rooms with just one window, low ceilings, and not enough light for those bright and light images you’re looking for.

If a hotel is your only option, consider getting dressed at your venue, or your photographer may recommend getting ready in a lobby or other well lit area in the hotel. Or, just know in your mind that your getting ready images may be darker or require a flash to achieve the look I show in my imagery.

NJ wedding photographer - forest Lodge

Wall color and decor in your wedding morning.

The wall color plays a BIG part in how bright and beautiful your images will be. A dark color will lean towards darker images naturally. With white or lighter shades making it much easier to achieve a light and bright

NJ wedding Getting Ready Space.

Proximity to your wedding venue

The proximity to your venue should weight heavily in your consideration. The less time you spend traveling from place to place maximizes your time spent enjoying your day. Less travel time will also add time to your wedding photographer’s available time to capture the images you’re dreaming of!

NJ wedding Getting Ready Space.

Size of your wedding getting ready space

The size of your wedding getting ready space should be considered. If you have a very small wedding party you won’t need quite as much space as if you have an 8+ person wedding party. Consider having a separate room for you to get dressed and ready in to keep stress levels low, and your space cleaner and less chaotic.

Another option is to allow everyone to get ready in your space, then have them migrate to another space within the hotel while you get dressed with the help of your chosen 1-3 people. This will allow you to have that quiet moment to breathe and relax with your people. really soak in those emotional moments of stepping into the dress. That’s when it becomes real-real!

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