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26 Items to Pack for your Wedding Day Details Photos


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26 items to include in your wedding day details photos .

Think about what makes your wedding yours, and add items that create a personal time capsule for your day. Wedding details photos capture the work and prep that went into planning your day. Some things may not be held onto for forever, so it’s great to see the items in a photograph all together, showing the vibe for your wedding day, as well as both of your personalities.

Pro Tip : You’ll have so much to think about in the days leading up to your wedding, so grab a box for both of you, and start placing these items inside to make sure nothing gets left behind. This way, when your photographer arrives they can grab the box and get started instead of having to disturb you while you hunt down all the items.

1 The Dress & Veil

Pretty obvious, but sometimes the dress solo can be looked over by a bride for details photos because it is so obvious. Your wedding photographer will want to capture a photo of the dress hanging somewhere solo, preferably in pretty light or in a pretty space. If you’re in a hotel room it can be tricky, so don’t be surprised if your New Jersey wedding photographer runs off with your dress to find a great spot to photograph it! Promise, it’s always handled with the utmost care, like a delicate newborn baby 😉

Pro Tip : Purchase a custom hanger for the dress! If you forget, no worries, I come with my own set of white and natural wood hangers.

Wedding dress hanger. Bride's wedding gown hanging on a mirror in the getting ready space at the Club at Picatinny Wharton NJ. New Jersey wedding photographer.

2 The Invitation Suite

The very first impression your guests receive of your wedding day vibe is from the invitation. It tells so much of your personality and your day of details. Be sure to include two fresh copies if it has a front and a back, along with the envelope and stamps and wax seals for your photographer.

3 Vow books

If you’re writing your own vows, I highly recommend purchasing a pair of vow books. There’s just something about reading the most important words you will say to one another from your own hand written beautiful books. They become an instant heirloom in your family’s story. A much better option than a piece of paper or *gasp* your cell phone!

Personal vow books for wedding day details. New Jersey wedding photographer.

4 The Rings

I recommend having all three rings together with the Bride’s details in the morning so they can all be photographed together. The wedding bands will then be passed along to whomever is in charge of them for the ceremony.

engagement ring and Wedding bands detail photos. New Jersey Wedding photographer

5 The Shoes

So much personality shows in a bride’s wedding day shoe choice! I mean look at these four, so different, and all perfect for the brides who chose to wear them on their walk down the aisle. Include them in your details for your photographer, so the shoes can get their chance to shine!

6 The Jewelry

In your wedding day details box, be sure to include your earrings, bracelet, additional rings, necklace etc.

Bride's wedding day jewelry detail photos. Snowflake earrings and a diamond bracelet. New Jersey wedding photographer.

7 Family Heirlooms

If you’re including a sentimental piece or a family heirloom, be sure to include that in your details. Tell your photographer about the piece so they can photograph it in a way that is meaningful.

The images below are all sentimental pieces, grandma’s bracelet, a locket with loved one who have passed, and a swatch of Grandma’s wedding dress.

Sentimental heirloom pieces to include in your wedding day details. New Jersey wedding photographer.

8 Bouquet and Florals

The beautiful bride’s bouquet and additional loose floral pieces can add so much to your details photos. I will often use the bouquet as a backdrop to other details or to add in some pretty softness to the images.

Pro Tip: Ask your florist to leave some extra loose stems and greenery that are left over for your photographer to use in your wedding day details flat lays.

9 Perfume

They say a scent can take you back to a moment in time. Choose a special scent and include the bottle in your wedding day details photos. Every time you wear that perfume you’ll be taken back to the day you said your vows.

10 Notes & Gifts to one another

A favorite idea for the morning of your wedding is to write a little handwritten note to one another. This can also include a gift if you’d like. Include the note and the gift in your wedding day detail photos so it can be documented and complete the story of your day.

11 Guest’s Welcome Bag Items & Gifts

If you have a lot of guests staying the night in a hotel or coming from out of town, it’s common to put together a welcome bag for them. You can leave it at the front desk for them to receive when they check in. Include a welcome bag with it’s contents in your wedding day details kit so all your time and effort to create them can be documented as part of the story of your day.

It’s also common to gift your wedding party a personalized item or special gift for the wedding day, include them as well!

The Guys details

The grooms wedding day details photos.

Let’s not forget the other half of the wedding day equation! Guys will often think they don’t have details to photograph in the morning, but they do! Their details are just as important as the bride’s and can tell so much about their personalities, when a wedding day can look a lot like the bride.

things to include in the Grooms wedding day details. New Jersey Wedding photographer

Pro Tip: Grooms tend not to think about details. Before your wedding day, have them place their details in a shoe box or bag labeled “for the photographer”. That way, when your photographer arrives, the groom won’t have to scramble and think of everything.

14 Items to Include for the Groom’s details

1 Suit

2 Bow Tie / Tie

3 Shoes

4 Specialty socks

5 Watch

6 Cufflinks

7 Belt / suspenders

8 Pocket Square / Handkerchief

9 Boutonniere

10 Cologne

11 Flask / Cigars / Grooms gifts

12 Vow Book

13 Notes or gifts to one another

14 Groomsmen Gifts

Grooms wedding day details. New Jersey Wedding photographer
what to include in the Grooms wedding day details. New Jersey Wedding photographer

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