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Non-Traditional Wedding Day | Maximize your time together.


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New Jersey Elopement photographer. Tips for a non-traditional wedding.

If you’re considering a Non-traditional wedding day in New Jersey, these tips for Maximizing your time together might be just up your alley!

Believe it or not, at the end of a wedding day it can feel like you spent very little time with your brand new spouse! We all know the traditions. We’re living in a world now where we don’t have to do things just because “that’s how it’s been done”. If you want to Maximize your time together, feeling like you spent the whole day in each other’s company, follow some or all of these suggestions!

Skyview Golf Club Wedding. Renee Ash Photography New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Get Ready together!

This may just be the most non-traditional thing on this list! But holy smokes, does it sound beyond romantic!? Imagine, waking up next to one another in a fancy hotel suite or in your own home, enjoying a cup of coffee, snuggling up, chatting about what a momentous day this will be for the two of you.

If you choose, you can go your separate ways, get hair and makeup done with the girls, hang with the guys etc. Then, come back together with your New Jersey wedding photographer to get one another dressed, and ready.

Envision your future husband zipping up your dress, clasping your necklace, and your future wife helping with your tie and boutonnière. Whispering to one another along the way. #swoon. This is especially great if you are planning a smaller wedding, or if maybe you don’t have people close to you who you would want to fill that role. Who better than your soon to be spouse?

By the way… Elopement might be the most non-traditional wedding tip to spending the whole day together ever! So if you’re dreaming of getting ready together, then hiking up a mountain in your wedding garb to say I do on a cliff, COUNT ME IN! I have hiking boots, and will trek through woods with you!

Skylands Botanical Gardens wedding. Stone manor wedding in New Jersey with gardens and beautiful grounds. New Jersey Wedding Photographer

First look

Getting ready together might not be your cuppa tea, but a first look just might be! THIS Non-Traditional wedding idea is catching on! Most couples these days are now opting for this new tradition in leui of waiting for the walk down the aisle first look. This is for sure the KEY to spending so many more hours together on your during your New Jersey wedding day. The first look allows for you to join together hours before the ceremony, extending your opportunity to spend time together on your wedding day.

First looks are done about three hours before your ceremony. I always suggest an hour for first look and bride and groom portraits. During that time you can have your first look moment, read letters to one another ( more on that next), share private vows, exchange gifts, and just be together.

Your first look will maximize your day by getting all the necessary photos out of the way before your ceremony starts. Once the ceremony ends you two are free to kick off the party together! No stopping for more pictures!!

Olde Mill Inn Wedding photographer. Groom holding a letter from his bride. Handwritten letter exchange on the wedding day.

Letters to one another

This can be done no matter how you choose to spend your morning. It’s one thing that I Highly recommend doing. Whether it’s a handwritten letter to one another, that you will open and read in private, or vows that you read to one another during a first look, or a first touch, the moment is comparable only to walking down the aisle and the first kiss. Emotions on high!

New Jersey Engagement session, Vernon NJ

Walk down the aisle together

This is really kicking tradition out the door! I believe this is a great option for those who want to walk into their ceremony hand in hand, as one. Walking willingly into an equal partnership. It gives each of you the spotlight instead of the focus being on one or the other. If you’re doing this, please invite me to photograph your wedding!

Ryland Inn Wedding. Bride and groom dancing in the Coach house reception area. New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Dance together ALOT

You may not think of this, but if you don’t spend your reception together with your new spouse, your photos won’t show the two of your together, CRAZY right?! So if you want to have photos of the two of your mingling, dancing and enjoying your night together as a couple, make it happen! I will remind you of this in our meetings before the wedding, but the day of it’s up to you! I will never force something to happen that’s not happening just for the photo ( unless you request it) So DANCE together! at least for a few songs, please and thank you!

PSA: You do not have to spend half your reception wandering from table to table. Send a lovely letter thanking them for coming, and enjoy your wedding in the moment!!

Perona Farms NJ. Bride and groom's choreographed first dance with a lift. New Jersey Wedding Photographer
Skyview golf club. Bride and Groom dancing the night away in Sparta NJ. New Jersey Wedding Photographer.

Notice: Many of these images aren’t really of what I’m mentioning, because they aren’t common! We’re talking about throwing traditions to the wayside and doing what makes sense to the both of you on your wedding day! Reach out to me to chat about making a wedding day timeline that’s not another cookie cutter, run of the mill wedding day! Let’s make a day that you can enjoy together!


xx, Ashley

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