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5 Tips for Styling your Christmas Tree Farm Pictures | NJ Family Photographer


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what to wear to family christmas pictures. NY christmas tree farm photographer. Emmerich Tree Farm warwick NY

Simple tips to choose wardrobe for your family’s Christmas tree farm pictures this year.

Do you feel that? The crispness in the mornings? It’s coming, FALL is on its way! Now is the time to start thinking about your Fall family photo and Christmas tree farm pictures family outfits.

Choose your Overall style.

Are you leaning towards Traditional? Romantic? Elegant? All of those styles can work really well for your New Jersey Christmas tree farm pictures. The trick is to pick a piece that you absolutely love and style everyone in your family around that. Keeping in mind the style you are going for.

Pick an outfit for the hardest person to dress first.

It’s much, much easier if you find a piece that you LOVE for the hardest/pickiest person in your family to wear. That way, you know that you have something you love and can build off of that piece.

what to wear for family christmas pictures. NJ family photographer.  Emmerich Tree Farm warwick NY

Think coordinate, not match.

Thankfully, matching outfits went out with bad 80’s hair. When planning outfits for your family, think of coordinating colors. Choose three colors that go well together, then mix and match throughout everyone’s outfits to tie everyone together without wearing matching plaid shirts 😉

Keep patterns small.

Big, bold patterns can be distracting and stand out more than the rest of the outfits and scene around it, drawing the eye just to that piece. To solve this, choose a piece with a smaller print, or choose to layer over top of a bigger pattern to minimize the amount that is showing.

what to wear for New Jersey Christmas Tree farm pictures for families.  Emmerich Tree Farm warwick NY


Don’t be afraid to add layers and textures! Especially in winter for New Jersey Christmas tree farm pictures. Layers will add warmth and interest to your images. Think cable knits, knee high knit socks, leather jackets, blazers, Carhart type jackets, tall boots, fedora style hats or beanies.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be!

I offer a styling tool called Style & Select, complimentary for you to use that will gather pieces together visually for you. It’s easy to use, and cuts your time spent shopping by more than half! The pieces that you will see in your results are available for purchase direct from the store.

Check out some of the results below for different families, and color schemes!

Style and select discount code fall and christmas photo session styling
Style and select discount code fall and christmas photo session styling
Style and select discount code fall and christmas photo session styling

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