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Zoe | A life well lived


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Zoe was with us through it all. Since we were 19 and just dating! She crossed the rainbow bridge just one month past her 18th birthday. She was ready, and we knew it was coming soon, but we are never truly ready to say goodbye to the “first baby”

David and I got her after a fateful annual trip to his parent’s then summer home on Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. Their next door neighbors had just gotten the most adorable little puppy, I can’t remember exactly what it was aside from it being tiny, fluffy and adorable! I begged Dave the whole way home to get a little puppy with me, and took him to the pet store where I fell in LOVE with a little chocolate colored Pomeranian… and Dave fell in love with a shaggy, lanky, fur ball mutt, Pomapoo “designer dog” on sale in the cage next to him. So, of course Dave won, and we went home with the sale puppy!

She was truly a great family dog. Was amazing with not only our kids, but the neighborhood kids too. She put up with everything that they could come up with. She was Brooke’s snuggle buddy from her very first days until her very last day.

Our hearts are broken, we miss her all day everyday snoring, and maybe even her yapping at Bleu. It’s pretty quiet around here without her.

Love you Zoe, thanks for being a great dog!

xx, The whole family

Day 1: post first bath, my mom snapped our first family photo. We were all just babies!
Our final family photo with her just before she passed. If you can, I highly recommend taking a final photo all together. This image is already an absolute treasure to us.

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