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New Jersey Cherry Blossom Photos | Sarah + Keith

Tips and Help

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New Jersey Cherry Blossom Engagement session with an engaged couple. White cherry blossoms, white lace dress baby blue guys shirt. spring Engagement photos outfits

New Jersey Cherry Blossom Photos are always pretty epic, but can be tricky! Check out these 5 tips to make sure you get the spring cherry blossom photos you’re dreaming of!


Spring blossoms are always a very much sought after time for photographers! It’s best to get in contact with your photographer early to set up your session for the cherry blossom season at least 1-2 months prior. YES,. that means you’re booking a spring session in the dead of winter. But trust me, you’ll be glad you did so you’re not scrambling to find a great photographer with availability during the short two week window of blooms!

Spring Engagement photos outfits New Jersey Cherry Blossoms engagement session
Cherry Blossom engagement session in New Jersey


Think a lot about your outfits. Lighter colors always look way better within a cherry blossom photos than darker colors simply because the trees are so light and bright! Think about wearing pastels, neutral tones. Of course you can add some contrast with a darker color mixed in, but for the most part keep everything light!

engaged couple photos in the cherry blossoms Guy dipping the girl in a white lace dress.
engaged couple photos in white cherry blossom trees Guy is wearing a baby blue button down and the girl is in a white lace dress. Engagement session outfits


Hear me out before you get all up in arms about having to get up at the crack of dawn! First off, sunrise in early spring isn’t nearly as early as you imagine. 7am is a pretty reasonable time, and without a doubt worth it! Being the early bird means you won’t have crowds of people in the trees, vying for that perfect spot! You’ll have BEAUTIFUL sunlight, and you’ll be done with your session in time to head out to breakfast and enjoy the rest of your day!

If sunrise just will NOT be your thing, then I strongly urge you to consider a weekday, again to avoid some of the crowds. Though during Cherry Blossom season at parks like Branch Brook in Newark, there will be people there 24/7 no matter when you choose. Which leads me to my next tip.

 rose gold engagement ring on a cherry blossom tree branch surrounded by white and pink cherry blossoms


If you’re anything like me, then you don’t want to feel like you’re crowded into a little area! Having photos can be intimidating enough for some people, add on crowds and it’s a whole other level of crazy! I prefer to find smaller parks and spots that have cherry blossom trees, but aren’t necessarily KNOWN for the trees. Little hidden gems in town parks and other areas can have just enough cherry blossoms to make beautiful images with.

engagement photos in the cherry blossoms with Renee Ash Photography
Northern NJ engagement photos in the cherry blossoms with Renee Ash Photography


Yes, some parks in New Jersey do require a permit to have a photo session on the property. Your photographer should know which parks require one and which ones do not. I personally will always have a permit on file for wherever I offer to do a session, so you won’t have to worry about it!

If you’re looking to have your photo session in the cherry blossoms in New Jersey this year

Warren County engagement photos in the cherry blossoms with Renee Ash Photography
Warren County engagement photos in the cherry blossoms with Renee Ash Photography


Cherry Blossom season is never exactly the same from year to year! The dates are always changing due to weather conditions in that particular year, so we are at the mercy of Mother Nature for when the cherry blossoms actually bloom! So for your New Jersey Cherry Blossom photos, I recommend that you be flexible with your date. I will typically pick a window of dates to shoot for, and allow a certain number of people to get on a waitlist. Once the blossoms bloom it’s go time! You’ll receive a schedule of dates and times to pick from! I know this can be a bit tricky and I understand that! But for the blossoms, we’ll do ANYTHING!

engagement photos in the cherry blossoms with Renee Ash Photography
engagement photos in the cherry blossoms with Renee Ash Photography


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