I'm thrilled you're here! Whether you're getting married or starting a family, I am here to help you document your most treasured memories. When the party is over and the kids have grown,  - the memories and photographs are that's left.  

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Spring mom and me photos in Vernon NJ Renee Ash Photography


The why behind the photographs. Mom holding her newborn baby in their home. Farmhouse kitchen family photos. The why behind the photographs. Family in home lifestyle photography in Warwick New York by Renee Ash.

My story of becoming a photographer started when my daughter was born 15 years ago. I was a full time working mom who felt like I was missing it all. When I was home with her I’d always have my camera at the ready to snap photos of her like crazy. Doing just the simplest things, crawling around, getting into trouble and being super cute. I desperately wanted to hold onto those memories, because I just knew they would slip away as quickly as they came.

My love for photographs, and for documenting memories was sparked when I was just a kid. I didn’t realize it then, but photographs would come to mean SO MUCH to me. I have blurry, faded memories in my mind that have been solidified by the photographs that my mother had taken. She was also a documentarian, always snapping photos… so I guess you could say I get it from my mama 😉

Spring family of three holding newborn baby outside newborn photography Vernon New Jersey by Renee ash photography

Those photographs helped me solidify those amazing memories I had in my head of my grandparents, who had passed away. I could look at a photo, and remember my grandfathers old recliner chair, the sound of his infectious laugh, and the way he would say “give me a bag of shells” …. I have no idea what that actually meant, but he said it every time he was telling a little white lie or some far fetched story.

Photos have never been so much an artsy thing for me. They’re sentimental, meaningful, a story of us. Who we are, where we’ve been. Proof of a life well lived, a celebration of love, of marriage, of a little one who has grown way too fast, and a family who just wants to capture their lives to look back on.

The why behind the photographs. Family of three playing with their three year old son during a fall family photoshoot in Verona park, Verona NJ by Renee Ash photography
Mom and da holding their newborn baby on their living room couch as the family golden retriever dog looks on. Newborn in home photography Vernon NJ by Renee Ash Photography
newborn baby girl sleeping in her crib while the family golden retriever dog sticks his nose through the crib rungs. Sussex County NJ newborn lifestyle photoshoot at home. By Renee Ash Photography

My love and passion in is the documenting, photos in beautiful places, laughing and playing and snuggling. Capturing their little mischievous grin, the way they hold onto your hand, the chaos that parenting brings. Photographs in your own spaces, surrounded by your own home. true to life memories of where you brought your baby home, what your home looked like, and how you all lived. So when the kids have grown and left the nest, you can all look back at a beautiful childhood filled with memories in your own spaces.

I shy away from making my images too themed, full of props, or overly styled and posed. I love to focus on connection, on love, on joy and even on the temper tantrums. because that’s where your memories live.

The why behind the photographs.boy's first birthday photoshoot at home in the kitchen with a homemade cake. Sitting on the kitchen island for his cake smash wearing suspenders and khakis. Vernon NJ in home photoshoot. Renee Ash Photography


My why is to help you to document your memories beautifully. To give you something to hold onto when the time is moving by way too quickly. A tangible piece of your lives.

My why is to encourage you to exist in photographs with your children, no matter if you don’t feel your very best, because sometimes those photos will be all there is left.

My why is to give the gift of memories. The real ones that make you laugh, make you cry, and make you say “look how little!” or ” do you remember when?”

My why is to document your life well lived, because every family deserves to have the photos to prove it.

I’d love to chat with you about how we can best capture your memories together.

xx, Ashley

The why behind the photographs.Long Beach island New Jersey summer beach photoshoot at sunrise with a family of four. Beach Haven NJ beach vacation photoshoot by Renee Ash Photography
Long Beach island New Jersey summer beach photoshoot at sunrise with a family of four. LBI NJ beach vacation photoshoot by Renee Ash

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