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5 Reasons to Stay Home | Sussex County NJ Photographer


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Sussex County NJ in home family photo

The perfect spot to have your Sussex County New Jersey family session this year might be closer than you think. Like your very own home! And no, this has nothing to do with reasons to stay home due to the pandemic. Just staying home because that’s where you spend most of your time, and make most of your family memories! In home family photos are the best options for doing something a bit differently this year!

  1. No shoes necessary!

If you’ve ever done a family photo session, you know what a pain in the a** it is to get new shoes for everyone. When your session is at home, there’s no need to drive yourself crazy getting everyone new footwear! Bare feet are practically a requirement of comfy casual at home lifestyle sessions!

Sussex County NJ in home family photo. Renee Ash Photography

2. The kids can’t escape!

With In home family photos, they don’t really want to! I’ve never walked into a home where the kids didn’t feel comfortable. It’s their space! They’re usually more than happy to show me around, bring me to their room and show me all of their favorite toys and posessions. and I may even encourage them to jump on the beds! What kid wouldn’t get behind that!?

Sussex County NJ lifestyle photographer
Wayne NJ in home photographer

3. There’s very little prep!

Aside from tidying the spaces we’ll use up a bit, and picking out a comfy casual everyday outfit, there’s no prep! I come to you and we will just have some fun together!

Sparta NJ in home photographer

4. No pressure!

If your kids are into it, you can hang all together as a family in the kitchen, on the couch, and in the bedrooms! if they’re a little less than thrilled with that, make it FUN! Have a pillow fight, bake some cookies, have a tickle fight, play your favorite game or with their favorite toys, rough house and toss those kids around! Like everyday, family fun! Guaranteed laughter!

Sussex County NJ in home photographer
Sussex County NJ in home photographer. Little girls 5th birthday pictures.
photos at home in sussex county NJ

5 Rainy day weather? NO WORRIES!

It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside! You won’t have to worry about rain dates, reschedules, and all that stress!We can photograph indoors any day of the week and in any weather! But if it is raining, snowing, or beautiful out, we can absolutely still go outside and have some fun too! Rain and snow can make for really great photos! And why not in your own backyard? Just another one of the many reasons to stay home.

5 reasons to stay home. Photos at home in Sussex County New Jersey Renee Ash Photography
Photos at home with backyard pet chickens Renee Ash Photography
Photos at home with backyard pet chickens Renee Ash Photography
5 reasons to stay home. New Jersey family photos at home Renee Ash Photography

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