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What to do with your digital image files after your photo session.

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So you received your digital files back from your photographer…. Now what?

If you’re like most, you will look through your gallery a few times, send the link to your family, maybe pick a few to share on Facebook and Instagram, possibly download a couple to your computer and phone to use as your backgrounds… and that’s it. MOST will never see the light of day again. They will live and die on some hard drive somewhere until the technology becomes obsolete, the computer crashes, or some other tragedy.

Don’t be like most people. PRINT and ENJOY your photos!

Fun fact, your kids want to SEE the photos of you all together looking happy! It makes them feel loved and whole. It’s actually a fact that when children see photos of themselves and their families on their walls and in albums that their self esteem gets a boost! Seriously, look it up!

I know, it can be hard to pick a few favorites to print. Sometimes life just gets in the way and printing is pushed back until it’s “too late”. Those photos are old and not worthy to be printed. SO NOT TRUE! It’s never too late to pick some oldies but goodies for the walls. I just did that very thing on a new collage wall in my kitchen. It makes me unbelievably happy to have chosen some of us and the kids when they were younger to look at everyday!

Framed wall gallery by Renee Ash Photography Sussex County New Jersey Family photographers

Why would you want to get your photos printed through your gallery as opposed to a “big box” store?

The biggest reason is QUALITY.

I made the mistake of ordering a book of photos from my wedding from a store that rhymes with “butterfly” about 10 years ago. If you’d like to see photos of what that book looks like now, I’ll show you, but it’s NOT GOOD! The pages are all warped and bent, and the binding is coming undone.. It’s been kept mostly untouched in my media cabinet since I got it. Now I need to take more time and money to order a higher quality one, so I’m doing the work twice!

The albums, prints and products that I have for sale in your gallery are PROFESSIONAL, ARCHIVAL quality. Meaning they will last GENERATIONS! The albums have thick toddler proof pages, and the prints won’t fade or yellow from exposure. The colors that you see on your screen will match what you see in print, which is not the case at other non professional labs. You’ll often see your images looking green or purple from big box stores due to their printers not being color calibrated.

If you still want to chance it and order on your own, I highly recommend using www.mpix.com , they are the consumer division lab to my professional one and do a great job for small prints and gifts.

How to order?

Your gallery comes with an amazingly simple store built right in! You can grab prints and gifting options, birth announcements, holiday cards, books and albums, canvas and framed prints all right there! If you have trouble or would like me to design an album for you I can do that and upload a proof right into your gallery! I also have the ability to design wall galleries using software that creates a mock up on your wall to scale.

BONUS, order within the first week and get 10% off your whole order! Just use the code in your gallery.

So what are your options?

Keep it simple! Your gallery gives you access to AMAZING quality loose prints, albums, calendars, canvas, framed prints, and wooden print boxes! I am HAPPY to plan out a wall gallery just for you, or design a pretty little keepsake book for your coffee table.

I am partial to the album and framed print options. In my own home I have albums on my coffee tables that the kids love to look through and framed prints all over my walls. They make me happy everyday.


Albums are so fun to customize! I LOVE designing albums for my clients! They make great baby books, milestone books, and yearbooks! You can make a new album with every session you do to create a series of volumes as your family grows! I order my albums from only the very best print labs so they will stay looking beautiful for decades to come. Imagine your grandchildren paging through these books on your lap as you tell them all about their mom or day. True family heirlooms!

Baby book ideas by Renee Ash Photography Sussex County New Jersey Family photographers

Framed or Loose Prints

Loose or framed, prints are a great option. you can find some amazing frames you love and switch out the prints every year or every season.

Framed wall gallery by Renee Ash Photography Sussex County New Jersey Family photographers


personalized Photo wall calendar by Renee Ash Photography Sussex County New Jersey Family photographers
Photo Wall calendar

Looking for a great gift for grandparents? or even for yourself? A calendar is the perfect gift! It takes up very little space, and you can change it out every month.

Boxed Prints

Wooden Print box with USB by Renee Ash Photography, Sussex County NJ photographer

Do you love the feeling of bringing out a box of prints, laying them out on a table and looking through each one with your family? If that’s you, boxed prints are PERFECT for you! Your photos will ALL be printed on fine art paper and placed in a beautiful little wooden box to keep on display. You can even add a USB with all of the files from your gallery already loaded on it for you!


Are you looking for something super simple that comes to you ready to hang? No framing necessary? Then a canvas is PERFECT! These gallery wraps provide a sleek and clean look, can be hung solo or in a grouping, and last for generations!

Canvas gallery wrap wall art  by Renee Ash Photography Sussex County New Jersey Family photographers

Go ahead and visit your gallery today and get to printing! If you need help deciding what to print or how to best display your images in your home please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’m HAPPY to HELP you! Grab a glass of wine and join me in a Zoom meeting to design an album or wall gallery for your home today! Even if you had a session in the past, It’s never too late to PRINT!

Ashley is a Family and Newborn Lifestyle photographer based in Sussex County New Jersey serving the New York, New Jersey and the Eastern Pennsylvania tri state area. Get in touch to book your session in the link at the top of this page.

What do you do with your digital files after a photo session. Ordering prints, canvases and the best photo books and albums. By Renee Ash Photography New Jersey Family Photographers

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