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Activities to keep the kids and you sane while social distancing.


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As we step into unchartered territory here with all of the children home from school for two weeks, a month, or more, we need to put our heads together and think of ways to keep them from running a muck and driving us INSANE!

My kids thankfully have remote learning classes from their school that takes up much of their morning time. We’ve been trying to keep our routine as far as waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, getting in a quick workout/gym class ( more on that later) and then heading into my photography work and their school work at 9am.

We have been finishing up usually around lunch time, with Brooke sometimes having a bit of homework to finish up afterwards. But our afternoons have been clear to do whatever it is we would like to do. So, to fill some of that time I’ve come up with a few activities for young kids ( pre-k – 1st grades) as well as older kids like my 9 and 13 years olds.

Brooke and Nate working hard, or hardly working?

Go on a virtual Field Trip.

The Cincinnati zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Cincinnati Zoo and now many other zoos have been doing a Facebook LIVE every weekday featuring a new animal up close and personal! Day one was a Hippo named Fiona and her mama. Both of my kids were fascinated and absolutely loved learning some new animal facts while watching them be fed in real time. You can visit their facebook page for the previous lives and catch the next one at 3:00 weekdays! SO FUN!

Gym Class

I am a HUGE fan of Peloton digital app and have been using it for a few months now in my diet and exercise routine prepping for that summer that just can’t get here soon enough! I have now invited my kids to join in and do the bootcamp and body weight strength classes that they offer to get us moving in the morning before we start our distance learning from school. Check it out! They are now offering a 90 day free trial!

Get Outside! Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go outside! Pull out the bikes, scooters, basketballs, sidewalk chalk, go for a hike, etc. There are so many amazing trails and parks to go to this time of year. The Stairway to Heaven, Appalachian Trail, The Vernon Boardwalk, and High Point State Park are all great to visit and explore. Pack a picnic lunch, or support a local business by grabbing some take out lunch, and enjoy some spring like weather! Nothing is better than the fresh air.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse and other online educational sites are offering up their services free for a limited time. This is great for those pre-k and Kindergarten kids that need some learning fun while mom and dad get their own work done!

Art Class

Do you have kids that love to draw and create? Check out Art For Kids Hub on You Tube for little kids or for the older Tween and teens who are looking for more advanced art classes like my Brooke, check out Rapid Fire Art also on You tube.

Home Ec. Class

I don’t know why we aren’t teaching these things anymore in school, but get the kids in on your everyday home activities. Have them clean with you, cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, bake together. You’ll be surprised by how much they can do on their own! My son is now making his own pancakes every morning!

Teach them how to manage their money by earning it doing chores around the house. Involve them in doing the house projects that have been on the to do list forever and try to make it fun! Yesterday we blasted music and mopped the floors while dancing and singing at the tops of our lungs. Today, spring cleaning their rooms, and washing windows 😉

Get social, Virtually

The kids are 100% missing their friends and being social with them. Set up a virtual playdate! There’s Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom Meeting, and FaceTime that allow multiple users to join in live. Get them to all have a dance party together or play minute to win it style games, or just be silly and laugh together.

Most importantly, just know that we will all make it through this. Just keep swimming, you got this mama!



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